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Here to be your dog's best friend!

No matter what type of care and support your furry friend needs, rest assured that Tails Trails can provide a friendly and reliable service to suit you both. Fully insured, 5* licensed, canine first aid trained and also a qualified IMDT dog trainer! 

  • "I recommend Tails Trails to everyone! Ferguson loves his walks with Charlotte and is always so excited to see her - a great sign of how well she builds a relationship with your dog! She completely understands his personality and shows genuine care and affection. We've also used Tails Trails for training and have seen a brilliant improvement in recall and focus while still having fun (dog AND huamns)!"

    ~ FERGUSON & his hoomans

  • "We could not recommend Tails Trails enough, Charlotte and her team are absolutely amazing, super friendly and reliable. They love all the dogs they walk, including our two golden retrievers, our boys always come back happy and worn out after long country walks with their doggy friends. We trust Tails Trails completely and genuinely couldn't live without them!" 

    ~ BRINKLEY, RINGO & their hoomans

  • "I was VERY bouncy when I first started at Tails Trails. But Charlotte has taught me excellent manners so my hoomans could not be happier!! I absolutely LOVE my training and walks with her and other doggies!!"
    ~ ROLY (with his hoomans permission)

    "Our much longed for dog, Roly, was such a handful we weren't sure we'd be able to keep him. Thanks to Charlotte's training and her support and patience, we have learnt how to properly understand and train our bouncy dog. From overreacting to the slightest hand movement, to now greeting visitors on all fours, Charlotte's training has changed our lives!"
    ~ Roly's hooman Jess 

  • "Charlotte & Tails Trails have been absolutely amazing in looking after our Labrador and we are so grateful for all her help. Hannah has been coming back every evening well-exercised and happy and Charlotte was very reliable and friendly, not to mention efficient with a great on-line booking system which really takes the stress out of last-minute changes to the schedule. Hannah has since moved abroad and she is going to miss Charlotte, and all her friends - I would have no hesitation in recommending Tails Trails to anyone who is looking for a great local company!"

    ~ HANNAH & her hoomans

  • "The first and most important thing when looking for someone to care for your dog is trust - Charlotte has this in abundance and we couldn’t be happier leaving Coco with her.
    Since joining Tails Trails five years ago, Charlotte has provided Coco with the best possible care. Her natural love for her own dogs is endearing and this is reflected in the range of services she provides. Tails Trails has provided us with reassurance and great advice (whether this is about healthcare, training, diet or walks). Coco seems to know when she’s having a day out with Charlotte and always waits patiently by the window for her to arrive; wagging her tail excitedly as she leaves . A happy dog equals a happy human ( and we are just that, with the service Tails Trails provides). Every week, I have a very happy dog who waits patiently for her days with Charlotte; what more could you ask for?"

    ~ COCO and her hooman Debbie

  • "Tails Trails were recommended to me by some neighbours with a very well behaved dog. How lucky we are to be local to such a great company!
    I have learnt so much through our training sessions & am so proud of the progress we’ve made.
    Our Springer loves Charlotte & I can take comfort in knowing he is in experienced & caring hands when he has a sleepover.
    Charlotte is a ray of sunshine & her training sessions are the highlight of my week."

    ~ HUGO and his hooman Kirsty

  • "I have been using Tails Trails for 3 years and I have to say ‘all things dogs’ are at the very heart of everything they offer and do. Their number one priority is keeping our ‘poochies’ happy, exhilarated and making sure every walk is another ‘interactive adventure’ for our dogs. They say my lab is excited to see me when he comes home, but I have to say, he has such a great time on their walks, interacting with other dogs, exploring different places he certainly loves being around them and the gang. I would not hesitate in recommending them for the range of services they offer. They accommodate where they can and will certainly go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure your dogs have the best time ever! Check out their website – you won’t be disappointed. I was lucky to find them!"
    ~ HAZZA and his hooman Sandy

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