Terms and Conditions

1. Booking

1.1 All
overnight boarding services are charged at an overnight rate, regardless of
whether they are full 24hrs or not, an additional daycare rate may be applied
for longer stays. Additional charges may apply if the stay is longer than the
hours specified at the time of booking. 1.2 Sundays, Bank Holidays, Christmas,
New Year, Easter and any other bank holidays may incur additional fees which
you will be advised of at the time of booking. 1.3 Any dogs boarded with Tails
Trails will stay as part of the family in our own home and enjoy the same home
comforts as our dogs do. Please note, that Tails Trails has its resident family
dogs. All dogs will be separated should they need to be left unattended for a
short period or during meal times etc. 1.4 Our boarding numbers are limited,
however at times there will be other dogs from other households also boarding
with us, therefore as in clause 1.3 dogs from other households will be
separated whilst unsupervised. This is for the safety and well-being of all
dogs. By boarding your dog and signing these terms and conditions you consent
to your dog(s) being boarded with other dogs as well as our resident dogs. 1.5
A 'Meet & Greet' consultation is required (at no extra cost), before
reservations, for all NEW clients between Tails Trails, you as the owner and
your dog(s). 1.6 Upon finalisation of booking, a trial sleepover will be
required at your cost at the full overnight fee. 1.7 All bookings must be made
at least 48 hours before the arrival date, however, more notice is preferred.
1.8 All new clients will go through a two-week trial period for walks and
daycare services to ensure suitability for both owners, dog(s)’ and Tails
Trails. 1.9 Please note our working hours on weekdays are 07:45-17:30,
Saturdays 09:00-16:30 and Sundays 10:00-15:30. 1.10 Any communication outside
of these hours will be classed as the next working day and charges may be
applied if applicable. 1.11 Arrival and departure times for both daycare and
sleepovers are approximately between 07:45-09:00 and 15:30-17:30 Monday-Friday,
weekends may vary slightly and be arranged at the time of booking. 1.12 Tails
Trails will collect or drop off the dog(s) unless otherwise arranged. 1.13 In
unfortunate circumstances, any dog not collected 30 days from the due departure
date - if we cannot contact you or any of the emergency contacts - will be
rehomed. You agree to this and to pay for all associated costs.

2. Payment

2.1 Tails
Trails accepts cash, bank transfer, Stripe payments and card payments in some
circumstances. Bank details for BACS transfers are supplied with the invoices.
2.2 For boarding a 50% non-refundable payment of the total sum due is payable
at the time of booking – please note stays less than 48 hours are to be paid in
full to secure the stay. This payment must be paid within 72hours to secure the
booking before the dates are released to other clients. 2.3 The remaining
balance will be due a minimum period of 14 days where possible before the start
of the stay. 2.4 Where services are required long term, the client will be
invoiced monthly in advance of services, this must be paid within 7 days of
receipt or late payment fees may apply. If the late fee is not settled within
72hrs then services will be paused until fees have been settled. 2.5 Where
payment is not received per these terms and conditions of business, the company
reserves the right not to proceed with any previously agreed arrangements.

3. Cancellations

3.1 In the
event of boarding cancellations that are notified to us 14 days before the
start of the booking period, all fees less the non-refundable payment, will be
held over for subsequent bookings or refunded if deemed necessary. 3.2 Any
boarding bookings that are cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours before the
start date of the booking will require 75% payment for services. 3.3 All
services cancelled within 48 hours will be payable in full, including but not
limited to walks, daycare, and sleepovers. 3.4 Private 121 training sessions
cancelled within 72hrs will be payable in full. 3.5 Training courses are to be
paid for upfront and any sessions missed by you will not be refunded, if Tails
Trails has to cancel (such as adverse weather) the session will be rescheduled
where possible 3.6 If, in extreme circumstances Tails Trails, cannot provide
the service agreed, we will do our best to arrange an alternative, and any
monies paid will be held over for subsequent bookings and rescheduling if
appropriate. 3.7 On wanting to terminate the contract between Tails Trails and
yourself for our walks and/or daycare please supply at least one month (4-weeks) of paid
notice. 3.8 Regular clients are subject to paying a holding fee should they
wish to take a break from Tails Trails services for longer than one week
without their space being offered to another client. Without this holding fee,
we cannot guarantee the same slot will be available on your return. Should your
dog board with us instead then this fee may be waivered. 3.9 Each client is
subject to four "free" single weeks per year of holiday where the
holding fee will not be applicable. Please note these weeks are not

4. Medication/Vaccinations/Immunisations

4.1 Tails
Trails will follow instructions to administer medications as directed but
cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result. 4.2 Under
no circumstances will the Tails Trails board or walk any pet that has any form of
active contagious illness (KC must be at least 7+ days from no symptoms). 4.3 We require a copy of a valid vaccination
certificate. There are no exceptions to this requirement. 4.4 If any Tails
Trails (or any member of her household, including family dogs) is bitten or
exposed to any disease or ailment received from the client's pet(s) that has
not been properly or currently vaccinated, the client will be responsible for
all costs and damages that may be incurred as a result. 4.5 All dogs must be
fully vaccinated with core vaccinations at least 2 weeks before staying with us
- It is your responsibility to vaccinate your dog and ensure this is kept up to
date and update the portal with this information. 4.6 Vaccination against
kennel cough is recommended but not required – at least 1 week must pass after
the vaccination before your dog boards with Tails Trails. 4.7 If you have
decided to titre test rather than vaccinate please speak with us first,
although we do allow titre-tested dogs to board in some circumstances. 4.8 We
take no responsibility for your dog contracting any viral diseases during their
stay. 4.9 All dogs are accepted at their owners' risk. While every possible
care and attention is given to each dog, we cannot be held responsible for any
injury, illness, loss or damage, howsoever arising. Any vet fees incurred
during the dog's stay will be covered by you the owner. 4.10 Please ensure your
dog is fully flea treated and wormed, and the records on the portal are kept up
to date. Should a flea infestation be observed on a dog in our care, you
consent to Tails Trails to treat the infestation as deemed necessary after a
discussion with your veterinary clinic. Any costs associated with treatment
will be payable to you on collection. 4.11 Tails Trails will be able to use
Leucillin spray on your dog as a precautionary measure against viruses and bacteria
if deemed necessary. 

5. Updates regarding both owners and dog(s)

5.1 Please
inform us of any changes regarding your contact numbers, your dog’s care needs,
your emergency contact details and any other information which may be necessary
while your dog(s) are in our care. 5.2 In-season bitches will NOT be accepted
for boarding and the boarding will be regrettably cancelled. 5.3 Please advise
us immediately if your bitch is in season or due to come into season. Due to
the nature of home boarding and although every effort would be made to prevent
pregnancy, we can accept no responsibility should your bitch become pregnant.
5.4 Should your bitch come into season whilst boarding with Tails Trails then
the owner or emergency contact will be expected to collect the bitch
immediately. 5.5 It is your responsibility to have your dog neutered or spayed
if you so wish. Please note place priority is given to spayed and neutered
dogs. 5.6 If you do not disclose that your bitch has come into season before
the stay, on discovery you or the emergency contact will be expected to collect
immediately. 5.7 Please note that should your bitch not be collected within a
suitable time frame, other measures such as a local kennel may be used. 

6. Aggressive Animals

6.1 Tails
Trails will not accept aggressive animals. 6.2 The client agrees to be
responsible for all costs (including but not limited to medical care, legal
fees, etc.) if the client’s dog(s) should bite another animal/human. 6.3 Client
agrees that on booking services with us for their dog(s) that they have
represented the dog's behaviour honestly and the dog(s) have not shown any
aggression or caused harm, or threatening behaviour to any individual and/or
any pet(s), and the client agrees to contact the provider as soon as possible
if any of these behavioural changes presents itself or if it has the potential
to cause harm to any individual or pet(s). 6.4 If the client’s dog(s) whilst
being boarded shows aggressive tendencies towards the pet service provider or
their family, or should its behaviour become unacceptable or a nuisance beyond
reasonable acceptance, the client agrees that he/she be placed either with the
emergency contact or in a boarding kennel until the client returns, and this
will be subject to a transfer charge. 6.5 We will not board unruly dogs. 

7. Collars/Leads

7.1 Please
provide secure ID collars with appropriate identification tags for all visits
including walks, daycare, sleepovers and training. Do remember your dog(s) must
be microchipped and wearing appropriate ID tags while in public as per the law.
7.2 Whilst out in public any dogs under Tails Trails’ care will also be wearing
an appropriate ‘Tails Trails’ ID tag with the business details on it alongside
your own.

8. Exercise / Wellbeing / Enrichment

8.1 All
boarding dogs will receive at least two walks of a minimum duration of 20
minutes. Where possible boarding dogs will accompany Tails Trails on the daily
walks interspersed with short crated journeys between clients. 8.2 By signing
these Terms and Conditions, you consent to your dog being exercised off-site
and with other compatible dogs that are well known to us. If your dog cannot be
exercised in this manner then please speak to us without delay so we can
arrange a suitable alternative. 8.3 Our walks are tailored to suit your dog and
can be both on or off the lead – please note we will not be walking your dog
off the lead without your consent. Any off-lead walks will be in a safe
environment away from any roads. Off-lead walks will only take place should
Tails Trails feel the time and place is appropriate. 8.4 Enrichment activities
take place for all dogs in Tails Trails care and by signing this agreement you
consent to us undertaking these activities unless we are specifically requested
not to due to medical reasons etc. Enrichment takes place in the forms of play,
scatter feeding, snuffle mats, Kongs and socialisation with other dogs. 8.5 You
consent to your dog(s) sharing our outside area with our resident dogs and any
other boarding dogs for play and supervised enrichment sessions. 8.6 You
consent that dogs from the same family household will be kept together unless
we are notified otherwise. 8.7 Should your dog become sick/injured or subject
to any infectious disease during their time with Tails Trails your vet will be
contacted immediately for advice. 8.8 Any dogs which require emergency
isolation due to contagious diseases will be primarily isolated from any other
dogs in a designated room – the owner or their emergency contact will be required
to collect the dog immediately. If this is not possible then your dog will be
transferred to the veterinary clinic – any costs involved will need to be
settled in full by the owner on the collection of the dog from the veterinary
clinic. 8.9 You consent for your dog to be crated if they are crate trained and
this forms part of their usual routine. Crates are also freely available with
open doors should your dog choose to settle in there during quiet time and come
and go as they please. Please note that the transportation van is
professionally crated for the dog’s safety and wellbeing during travelling and
they will be expected to travel in these crates for short periods.

9. Training

Tails Trails will create a training programme to the specifications of the
problems assessed at the first training consultation session and will make
amendments to the training programme accordingly. 9.2 The programme is specific
to the dog(s) that the programme has been designed for and should not be used
in part or whole with any third party. 9.3 Handlers and/or owners remain
responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised to ensure they have
adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event
of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or a third party. 9.4 The
information and any training suggested consist of Tails Trails' personal views
and are based on the information given to Tails Trails by the client or person
responsible for the animal(s) and or Tails Trails' conclusions resulting from
personally gained evidence of the animal. 9.5 Training plans, for the most
part, will not be successful overnight and require patience. Tails Trails
cannot guarantee that this will work, as each animal is an individual case, nor
is it always possible to foresee if another problem may arise as a result of
the training. The information provided to you in a session is for you to then
continue with to progress with results. 9.6 All programs are specific to a
certain animal and should not be tried on any other pet, only the animal whose
name appears on the information. 9.7 All training with Tails Trails will be
using force-free and positive reinforcement training methods; no aversive
methods or equipment will be recommended or tolerated. 9.8 No ill/contagious
dogs will be allowed to training sessions for the health and safety of others.
9.9 No "in heat/season" bitches will be allowed to group classes or
the training paddock due to the disruption and distress this can cause. If you wish
to book an at-home 1-2-1 training session during your bitches season please
discuss this with Tails Trails first. 9.10. Refunds will only be given in
exceptional circumstances, in most cases, we will be able to rearrange the
service if sufficient notice is provided (72hrs). 9.11. Cancellations - please
provide at least 72hrs notice before the start date for any cancellations, less
than 72hrs is chargeable. 9.12. In extreme circumstances, if Tails Trails must
cancel a training service then a full refund or credit transfer will be
applied. 9.13 Group classes - there will be a minimum number required for group
classes to run, if the bookings fall below this then we will contact you to
arrange an alternative option or refund.

10. Emergency Contact

10.1 Emergency
contact details must be provided on your booking form should a situation with
your dog arise where you are unavailable. 10.2 The emergency contact MUST be an
independent person (e.g. if you are on holiday, not one of your holiday party).
The emergency contact must be authorised to decide on your behalf if you are
uncontactable. 10.3 Emergency contacts must be able to collect your dog or
agree that alternative boarding arrangements can be made (e.g. at a local
kennel) if the need arises. Any costs associated with alternative arrangements
should the emergency contact be unable to collect/board your dog will be at
your expense.

11. Changes to return date

11.1 Tails
Trails carefully schedules our time to serve you and our other clients,
therefore, there are no refunds or credits for early returns or last-minute
changes to pet care. 11.2 In the event that the client is delayed on return,
they must inform Tails Trails immediately, and we will use our best endeavours
to make alternative arrangements for continued cover, even when we are unable
to continue with care following the assignment end date. 11.3 Tails Trails asks
all clients to please keep dropping off and collection times arranged in
advance. This greatly assists us with reintroducing your dog to the resident
dogs in a calm and controlled manner. Due to the positioning of the home, this
also allows us to be courteous of our neighbours, whilst keeping other boarding
and residential dogs calm and settled out of hours.

12. Unforeseen Purchases

12.1 In the
event that additional items need to be purchased in the absence of the client –
i.e. pet food, or other necessary items that contribute to the health and
wellbeing of your pet, the pet service provider will purchase these, retain a
receipt and the pet owner is responsible for reimbursement of these items on
their return.

13. Insurance & Licensing

13.1 All
reasonable care is taken to ensure the integrity and suitability of the care
provided. 13.2 Tails Trails has valid public liability insurance, for the peace
of mind of its clients. 13.3 Tails Trails is insured with Protectivity to
provide dog walking, home boarding, pet sitting, dog training and pet taxi
services. A copy of the policy is available to view should you wish. 13.4 We
recommend that you purchase your own separate pet insurance should you wish to
do so. 13.5 Tails Trails is currently 5* licensed by Uttlesford District Council and abides by the regulations set out by both Uttlesford District Council and DEFRA.

14. Privacy Policy

14.1 All of
your information will be kept private and confidential. 14.2 Tails Trails
highly respects our clients entrusting us with the care of their pets. 14.3 All
of our records will be stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998
and GDPR 2018. 14.4 Your data will be treated with the utmost care and we will take
all appropriate steps to protect it. Access to your personal data is
password-protected when held in digital-based software or secured in a locked
cabinet. The systems used for processing and storing your data are password
protected and encrypted. Any keys used to access properties are labelled in a
coded manner without any personal information. 14.5 Your personal information
will not be shared with any third-party companies. 14.6 Whenever you have given
us your consent to use your personal data, you have the right to change your
mind at any time and withdraw this consent. We are however required to hold
your information for 5 years if you have used our services and we have invoiced
you. 14.7 Tails Trails reserves the right to post photographs and videos of the
dogs in our care in support of its business activities via social media
business pages unless specifically requested not to do so by the client.

15. Liability

15.1 Tails
Trails shall not be liable to the client or be deemed to be in breach of the contract
because of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its
obligations in relation to the services if the delay or failure was due to any
cause beyond Tails Trails’ reasonable control.